Why Choose Masis Made Belts ?

MASIS BOXING BELTS, Get Your Customized, High-Quality, & Affordable Championship Belts That EVERYBODY Will Want In Less Than 2 Weeks!

 IF you already have a source to get your belts from, but aren’t you slowly getting tired of waiting too long? Do you think you might be paying too much? 

If you are like most of the organizations that I produce belts for, then you prefer to order the highest quality belts that athletes will fight their lives for.  A lot of these organizations want their belts delivered FAST and at a GREAT price or else… 

They Get Frustrated!!!

            No organization should have to wait over a month to get their belts produced, and no one should get ripped off either

What if I told you that you could get your belts produced by a company who has the fastest turn around time in the world and is open to take orders at ANY time? And, this company could produce the best quality belts that… 

Every Athlete And Fan Will Love! 

This company is called Masis Boxing Belts.  We can provide you with professional championship belts for boxing, wrestling, karate, MMA, and any customized belt you can possibly think of. 

Enjoy the ONLY championship belt company in the WORLD that: 

  • Truly manufactures each belt from start to finish in their own USA factory which gives you the shortest wait time and most affordable belts
  • Etches their own design and makes their own molds customized to meet your specific designs and needs
  • Casts and polishes their own plates, hand paints their own medallions, and sets their own diamonds and rubies
  • Gold plates their own personal plates and fabricates their own leather work 

And much more…

The Most Trusted Brand 

            I know what you’re thinking… why should you choose our belts over anyone else?  Well, our expert staff began their journey working with big companies such as FUBU, COACH, etc.  

After gaining more and more experience with jewelry, gold plating, and casting, the staff branched out and formed “Masis Boxing Belts.” We are now the official belt provider of…. 

Over 90% Of All Sanctioning Bodies

That You See On TV Today! 

Our happy clients include boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, NASCAR drivers, Walmart, and many more!  Just to name a few – World Champion Luis Collazo, Dmitry Salita, Paddy Monaghan, and ESPN Men’s College Basketball Slam Dunk Champion Jacob Tucker! 

You can check out the rest of our clients and champions by viewing our portfolio on our website at www.masisboxingbelts.com.

 You Have Nothing To

Worry About! 

You can completely customize the belt you want – choose any style belt on our website, any color leather, and we will use your own logo, wording, and design for the center medallion.  We can make your sketch drawn belt a reality. 

All of our championship belts are real 18K gold plating. And, if you’ve been searching for chrome plating, we can do that for you as well. 

Here’s What We Recommend… 

            from what we’ve seen, we are the only belt company in the world who truly manufactures everything in-house and can guarantee that your belt will be completely finished within 2 weeks.  We’re also happy to produce belts for any customer in the entire world – most of our orders are international. 

Call one of our belt experts today at 201-723-9652 for a FREE quote! 


Masis Boxing Belts

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*Learn more about us by visiting: www.masisboxingbelts.com