The Premeir Choice for Custom Championship Belts ( Samples )

We are proud and honored to have worked and continue to produce belts for many companies & organizations around the world and have become the premier choice for Championship Belt Customization. 

Our happy clients include Burger King , McDonald's, Popeye's, ESPN just  to name a few, boxers, MMA fighters, wrestlers, NASCAR drivers, Walmart, and many more!  Just to name a few – World Champion Luis Collazo, Dmitry Salita, Paddy Monaghan, Mike Tyson & RING Magazine.

All of our championship belts are 18K gold plating. And, if you’ve been searching for chrome plating, we can do that for you as well.

Here’s What We Recommend…

We are the only belt company in the world who truly manufactures everything in-house and can guarantee that your belt will be completely finished within a couple days. We Showcase our craftsmanship because we actually manufacture every aspect of the belt process in house.  We look forward to hearing from you !

I look forward to hearing from you soon, 201-723-9652

Showcase some of our work ( Samples )

quaker state custom belt

pitchen the kitchen championship belt

basketball championship belt

golf and boxing belt

ati custom belt

boxing custom belt

triple crown style custom belt

fighting cancer custom belt

sls custom belt

golf custom championship belt

gold and chrome plating

dj competition championship belts

crown and wings style championship belts

 Nascar Racing Championship Belts

ADRL Championship Belts

Barber Shop Championship Belt

Comcast Championship Belts

best of show championship Belts

DeWalt Championship Belts

Chili Cook Off Championship Belt

remax championship Belt

 strongman championship belt

uscup championship belt

worldglobe style championship belt

ultimate showdown championship belt